Love is an adventure...

This phrase came to me one day when I was flying home from California. Love is just like taking a plane ride, you know what to expect, but in reality... you really don't.

The turbulence you feel is the hard troubling times, sometimes they last just for a few moments and sometimes the pilot asks you to put on your seatbelt because there is rough weather ahead. The seatbelt is there to keep you safe! Just as your spouse is there to hold on tight till the very end.

The lost luggage that somehow magically disappears even though you swear you saw it being loaded on the plane, is the lost time arguing. You can see the time go on but it slowly slips away never to be returned. The argument is not worth the time, it's hard but imagine when there's no time left, you'll wish you spent all that time kissing & loving instead of fighting.

The missed connecting flight is for the couple who've been trying so long to conceive and it feels like they are just missing their chance. Your flight does get reconnected, you will get to your final destination!

During turbulence you don't see the pilot grabbing a parachute and saying "Peace out, this isn't my type of weather." same goes for marriage, when signing up for this lifelong journey we are saying YES to turbulence, YES to lost baggage, YES to the missed connecting flights. You said YES because the person sitting in front of you is the love of your life, and you cannot imagine life without them.

Getting through the hard times well its HARD, but if it was easy then they would be called the EASY time.

The definition of HARD TIMES is: a PERIOD of difficulty or hardship, there is a light at the end of the tunnel just keep moving forward. Once you break through the turbulence you'll be smooth cruising!

Jessica + Samuel

-Married for 3 years-

Selena + Michael

On the journey...

Your love should be selfless.

As you join your life with another, you leave your old ways to forge a new path. You must both commit to prefer the other. You learn to be sensitive to the needs of your partner. You are intentional to show them how you feel, and tell them how you feel. From grand gestures to small details, it keeps your love burning. 

Your love should be steadfast. 

As a boat sets its course, sometimes the wind and the waves try to get the best of it. The boat nonetheless, stays the course till the end. Your love will be tested. Your love will be tried. Even in your weakest moment, stand your ground, and chose to love. 

Your love should be secure.

Don’t doubt the love they have for you. If they hurt you, it’s not because they don’t love you, it’s because they are not whole. Make your boundaries clear, forgive, and trust that they are trying their best. Grace goes a long way. Any insecurity should be met with reassurance and understanding. Always remember self care makes you stronger and in turn makes your relationship stronger.

-Married for 7 Years-

Chryste + Ray

"Love is a forever adventure! What makes it last is paying close attention to the big and little needs of your love. Forgive often, encourage daily and laugh together! It is really a mindset of intention. Deciding and choosing love and forever is the secret. We respect, love and trust each other without question."

-Married for years-


Marriage is about becoming a team.

You picked a person, and you're going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, TOGETHER.

Even when things blow up at times, you just remind yourself that you're a team and you love one another.

And remember to give your spouse the very best of yourself, and not what's left over after you've given your best to everyone else.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and being only married for only 4 months has already showed me so much. Every single day I wake up and want to love my husband even more than the day before. It's an amazing thing and I am extremely thankful to be able to have him side by side with me.

-Married for 4 Months-


Successful marriage requires commitment, hard work and sacrifice, from both sides. With these qualities in mind, you will never regret your decision , no matter the challenges.

Wait for the right moment to do, to speak, to be silent...

-Married for 24 years-